10+ years of web application, and 5+ years of mobile application development!

We design, code, test, implement and maintain web and mobile applications!


Web & Mobile Apps

Our area of expertise is simply to create awesome solutions by developing easy-to-use, bug-free web and mobile applications!

Design, Code, Test

...And then do it over and over again until it's perfect! After each iteration, the application is being polished and refined!

Responsive Support

Talk about responsive webpages, we also talk about responsive support.  Meaning, we try our best to always communicate. It's very vital!

Some of Our Clients

Why Choose Us?!

  • 1We are experts at developing applications.
  • 2We really love what we do, developing excellent apps.
  • 3We have developers with expertise in most major technologies.
  • 4We deliver what we say we will deliver.
  • 5We are easy to reach and very responsive to your needs and concerns.
  • 6And finally, because we really want to make things easier for you!.

A Conversation with a Client

Client: Hey, The application is working fantastic!
Developer: That's good news!
Client: Is there a way to get some additional functionalities added?
Developer: Sure, when can I come by?
Client: Yesterday!
Developer: I'm on my way!
Associate Director - College Now Program at City College

We Education

They say knowledge is power and one acquires it through learning. As we strive towards implementing various education models around the globe, Heavenly Technologies believes that everyone should have access to an excellent education. With the advances in technology, we have dedicated a lot of resources to research how to best utilize our skills to create innovative solutions to meet the challenges in Pre K-12 and higher education. Therefore, we offer a special discount of up to 50%, to all accredited daycares, schools, colleges and universities. We also proactively develop application solutions to meet existing challenges in education.

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